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About Us

USA Interiors has earned a reputation for excellence through our commitment to making a difference for our clients as well as our employees. From conceptual design pricing through final close-out documentation, it remains our goal to establish and maintain a successful business relationship while also striving for customer satisfaction and quality of life in all aspects. By adopting a non-confrontational and wholly proactive approach in all of our operations, we relish the experience with virtually all types of construction allows us to bring a commitment to quality and service unsurpassed in our industry. Let our company show you what we can do for you.

Initially established in 1993 as Experience Drywall and later emerged as USA Interiors in 2007 to become a significant contractor in the tri-state market. Specializing in fast track, high-end Hospitality and Multi-Tenant projects, we have also completed a wide array of interesting Corporate Headquarters, Health Care Facilities, Institutional and Educational Projects and Retail Developments. The company is comfortable working on projects of any size and level of detail, yet defines itself with its ability to meet deadlines and schedules others deem too aggressive. Having exceeded 500 employees, our proudest accomplishment is that our company does all of our own work without bringing in outside help. 

At USA Interiors, our company's continued growth and success is based upon our philosophy that everyone has a hand in the accomplishment of our goals. Every client, every employee, every vendor and every sub-contractor that we work with is a part of our continuing success. At every stage of a project, from conceptual design to final turnover, our unwavering belief that as a family, we need to demonstrate every single day our commitment to being the most professional service orientated contractor around. 

We achieve this level of professionalism without ever compromising our highest standards for safety and quality. This belief is an essential core component as to why we have been able to build on our success every single year. Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in making USA Interiors the industry leader that we are all so proud of today. As a family, we are committed to raising the bar, everyday and into the future. 


If you would like to learn more about our contracting company, USA Interiors, give us a call at 201-342-7625 

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